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Who Coordinates the Event?

We have a team of specialized event coordinators, each handling a specific aspect of your event. Our experienced staff can assist you with all of your special event needs with our wide variety of games, entertainment, and catering options.

Where Can We Have the Event?

Because we bring our own equipment (grills, trash cans, tents, etc.), we can work virtually anywhere. Some great site examples include local parks, fairgrounds, softball fields, and even your own company grounds or parking lot.

How is the Food Served?

All entrees are prepared and cooked on site, served fresh and hot off the grills.  Your guests are served down both sides of a buffet line by friendly staff. Our full-service catering includes all amenities.  Only fresh produce and brand name products will be used at your event. The best part is that we serve the entire length of your event and all you can eat.

Do I Have to use AFD for Everything and Can I Make Changes?

We can handle every detail or we can compliment existing activities. You are always free to make last minute changes to your event, just ask!

Do You Have a Price List?

There are just too many variables to create a set price list. Your location, attendance, menu and game selections are all a part of your individual pricing. Our sales staff can have a quote to you usually the same day you request it.

Can I Meet With Someone From American Family Day?

We will gladly meet with you and your committee for a no pressure Q & A session. You can ask all the questions needed to fully understand our services. You can also use our expertise by having us prepare a layout, customized to your specific needs. We will be happy to answer questions about your event site.

What Do I Have to Do the Day of the Event?

Our Event Coordinators will have taken care of every detail for setup, ordering the ice, bread, tables and chairs, etc. and the cleanup.  You can enjoy the day by spending time with your family during the event, not before and after!


We carry $2 million in general liability insurance and would be happy to name your company or the park as co-insured at no additional charge.