American Family Day wants to ensure that every detail of your company picnic has been thought out, from start to finish.  The following is a list to help you in the planning of your event.  American Family Day will be happy to assist you with any of these details.

  Electricity:  Some items require power.  Standard 110 boxes and 20 amp circuits are needed.  AFD will provide extension cords to the point of use.  Generators (5000 watt or higher) might be needed for your event.

  Water:  Water will be needed if any food items are served, or if a dunk tank is used.  AFD will provide a water hose for our use.

  Trash Dumpsters:  AFD will provide standard trash cans and bags for the event.  Dumpsters may need to be provided, depending on your site.  Check with your site.

  Restrooms:  Ample restroom facilities are a key to a successful event.  Depending on the size of your group additional “Porta-Potties” might be advised.  Usually 1 per 200 guests is recommended by the experts.

  Seated Eating:  Do you have adequate seating for your guests?  Will this area double as the bingo parlor or other activity?  Generally speaking, seating for one-third to one-half of your estimated attendance is a good rule of thumb.  Everyone will not be seated at one time.

  Shade:  Picnic shelters, trees, additional tents, etc.- all will provide shade for your guests.  Inspect your site.  If “seated eating” is your only shaded area you should increase your number of seats especially if it is unusually hot when your picnic is scheduled.

  Identification:  If in a public park, is your area secluded from the general public?  Identification wristbands might be a suggestion.  Most “party crashers” won’t even attempt it when they see that your guests are easily identified.

  Permits:  Double check your site.  Some facilities require permits for large groups, public addressing systems, vendors, tents, etc.  Some parks may also require proof of insurance.

  Parking:  Look for adequate parking for your attendance.