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Company parties extend well beyond a day of fun and laughter-their benefits can help employees feel good about themselves, each other, and the work they do. Parties need not be extravagant to be effective; even modest company parties can boost employee morale.

Company Parties provide a way for companies to acknowledge their employees’ dedication. Parties also gather employees together out of the office to celebrate their camaraderie. A nationwide recent survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management showed that 61 percent of employers are planning a Company party for 2011; the same figure as in 2010.

Maybe the answer isn’t canceling parties, but scaling back so the non-monetary benefits can still be enjoyed.

“There’s no way I’d ever cancel a company picnic,” Smith says. “My biggest business advantage is my people, and the more I build a great environment, the better job they will do. If my workers are happy, it carries over when they deal with clients, prospects and each other…undoubtedly bringing more financial prosperity to the company. The picnic is a way to support workplace morale, relationship-building and retention, people come alive in the sunshine, with the smell of barbecue and the sounds of festivities playing around them. This picnic lets them know their hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated.”

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