The Venue and the Event Planner 

 Capacity. Make a shortlist of venues that suit the event theme and budget and have the capacity to comfortably hold all attendants. Check into parking, electrical power capabilities, security, seating, restrooms and any other requirements. A facility checklist will help you make sure your site is event ready. Order necessary services.

 Event Planner. Ask your event planner for a written proposal including all inclusions/exclusions and expenses. Check references.

 Walk-Through. Visit each site in person and imagine the event as it takes place.

 Booking. In some instances (anniversary party, summer months), you may need to book up to 6-18 months in advance. Do not forget to pay the deposit to reserve the venue and your activities.

Event Activities

 Entertainment. Select ideas for your different age groups. Casino, bingo, euro-bungee, rock walls, game shows, train rides, raffles, giant inflatable bounce houses, carnival rides, etc. Book any live entertainment at least six months prior to the event. Click the following link for more entertainment ideas.

 Catering. With number of estimated guest attending, select food menu. Make sure food and beverage service, table setting, dishes, trash cans, etc., are included. Provide adequate refreshments and snacks throughout the event, especially in secluded locations or where attendees are expected to stay on site, i.e. registration booth. Note any special diets you may have in your attendance, i.e. vegetarians. Pass the information on to the caterer.

 Speakers, Presentations, Workshops, Plant Tour. Confirm and make necessary arrangements.

Paperwork and Finances

 Save the Date. Begin to promote your event. Distribute an agenda to all guests and executives well in advance of the event, confirming the venue and activities.

 Budget. Create a budget and have approved by executives before and throughout the planning process.

 Licenses. Ensure all laws and codes are met, with licenses or inspections completed for liquor service, fire code, special events, etc.