Popcorn Packs (8 oz Kettle)


8 oz. Popcorn Pack – Best Tasting Popcorn
24 Packs per case
(10.6 oz. Pack Weight per kit)
For Use in a 8 oz. Kettle
Best Tasting Popcorn for a 8 oz Kettle
(10.6 oz. per pack)

Popcorn Kit is pre-measured perfectly for delicious “theater style” Popcorn. Everything you need to make popcorn is in our Popcorn Kit. Popcorn kits are meant to be used with 8 oz popcorn machines. Warm your kettle, open the pouch, pour ingredients into popcorn kettle.

Diacetyl Free / Pareve / Certified Kosher / Vegan Approved / Non-GMO / Gluten Free

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8 oz. Popcorn Pack Popcorn Kits include kernels, oil, and seasoning for 8 oz. Kettle

8 oz. Popcorn Pack
24 packs per case

Why Purchase Premium America Dual Pack?
– Portion controlled ingredients
– Makes perfect quantity every time!
– Great tasting popcorn every batch! (Best Tasting Popcorn in America!)
– No measuring necessary
– No waste
– Easy to inventory
– Easy to order

As always this product is Diacetyl Free for perfectly popped popcorn every time, Dual Pack is packaged in 2 chambers. One chamber contains gourmet quality popcorn and buttery flavored popcorn salt and the other chamber contains high grade, low melt point, pure coconut popping oil. These attractive portion control packs have everything to pop the perfect batch of popcorn every time. No mixing or measuring needed, simply clip off the top and pour both chambers into a pre-heated popcorn kettle. Perfect for lounges, snack bars, schools, churches, fundraisers, convenience stores, home theaters and much more. Available in 4, 6, 8, and 12 oz packs.

Popcorn Section: Yellow Popcorn, salt(artificial buttery flavor, yellow #5 lake and # 6 lake).

Oil Section: Highly refined coconut oil and beta carotene.

Diacetyl Free / Pareve / Certified Kosher / Vegan Approved / Non-GMO / Gluten Free

Nutritional Information for 8 oz. Popcorn Kits

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