Nacho Cheese Sauce


Delicious Nacho Cheese Sauce
About 48 servings / (6.62 lb. can)
Great on Nachos and Pretzels!
Can hold warm for up to 8 hours


About 48 servings from each shelf-stable #10 can (with a lid to help keep open can sanitary). Requires virtually no labor … simply heat and serve, with easy prep instructions. Crafted with quality ingredients to deliver a superior cheese sauce that can hold warm for up to 8 hours. Increase yield by adding up to 2 cups of water or 3 cups of whole milk. Generous ambient shelf life to minimize spoilage loss …and no need for expensive freezer storage. Perfect for foodservice locations including Concessions, Snack Bars, Food Courts and Restaurants. Holds very well. Can thin w/water or milk if it gets too thick. Can chill and reuse, within safety standards, without any separation or breakdown of the cheese.