Frozen Drink (6 Gal.)
Machine Rental


6 Gallon Frozen Drink Machine

Not Recommended for Outdoor Use.

Enjoy a nice refreshing beverage straight from two tanks holding 3 gallons each (384 oz serving per tank). Your drinks will be chilled to perfection with these two drink dispensers. Fill them up with your favorite beverage and let the machine mix everything to your liking. Perfect for a party, a gathering, or a nice quiet day.

How many drinks can be served in 6 oz. cup?
Ex: 384/6 = 64×2 = 128+ Cups

Dimensions: 39″Hx15Wx21″L X 2


The multi-purpose Cold/Frozen Beverage Dispenser is perfect for Slushies, Sorbet, Smoothies, Sangria, Iced Coffee/Tea, Lemonade, Italian Granitas, Frozen Margaritas, Coladas, Daiquiris, Yogurts, Shakes and much more.

Each tank has a 3 gallon capacity (384 oz serving per side). Transparent bowls, manual and electronic locking system, self contained refrigeration, double blade mixing system and on-board viscosity control monitoring system.

This machine will hold 6 gallons of liquid.

Weight – 85 LBS