Gold Medal Mega Pop
Popcorn Kit (16 oz. kit, 20 ct.)
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Mega-Pop Popcorn kits, Oil and Salt Kit
16 oz. Popcorn Pack
For Use in a 16 oz. Kettle
Best Tasting Popcorn for a 16 oz Kettle
(22 oz. Pack) / (case of 20 Packs)

Popcorn Kit is pre-measured perfectly for delicious “theater style” Popcorn. Everything you need to make popcorn is in our Popcorn Kit. Popcorn kits are meant to be used with 16 oz popcorn machines. Warm your kettle, open the pouch, pour ingredients into popcorn kettle.

Contains 20/ 16-oz. Fun-Pop Popcorn kits
No measuring necessary
Eliminates costly waste
Kosher Parve Certified


16 oz. Popcorn Pack, Oil and Salt Kit
Why Purchase Mega Pop Popcorn Kit?
– Portion controlled ingredients
– Makes perfect quantity every time!
– Great tasting popcorn every batch!
– No measuring necessary
– No waste
– Easy to inventory
– Easy to order