#3017 Gold Medal
Econo Floss
Cotton Candy Machine
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Price Includes:
– #3017 Econo Floss Cotton Candy Maker (NEW Design!)
– Cotton Candy Pan
– Cotton Candy Net with clips

– Redesigned head helps keep sugar out of motor compartment
– New bowl positioning brackets with bumper helps keep bowl from moving or sliding
– IEC power connector cord is easy to remove or replace
– Flip down front door for easier serviceability
– Smaller cabinet and lock and go handles on both sides of machine allows for easier carrying
– Keep the handles in a horizontal position for carrying and to stabilize the head. When you reach your destination simply flip the handles up & you are ready to use. No more loosening of brackets before using or transporting.
– Two switches motor/master switch turns the motor on & off and supplies power to heat switch. –
– Heat switch turns heating element on and off.
– Heat control knob adjusts power to the heating element. Clockwise increases power to the heat element, counter clockwise decreases.
– Never overfill the floss head
– Never poke at floss ribbons with a knife or sharp object to clean. Follow instructions in the manual for care and maintenance of your floss machine and proper shut down procedures

Helpful Hint: When putting the stabilizer net into the floss pan, never put it tight against the pan. It should be in an octagon shape.This will enable the floss “cotton candy” to grab onto the netting better. Let a nice web of candy build up onto the net then gently lift out with a floss cone.

The #3017 Cotton Candy makers are pre-tested from Gold Medal and will arrive with some sugar on it. Shop our Cotton Candy Machines for your next party! Purchase or Rent our Cotton Candy Machines and Cotton Candy Makers from Gold Medal and Cretors.


Bring the look and feel (and smell!) of the carnival to your own event with this great Cotton Candy Machine. It’s easy to use and always a popular choice for kids and adults alike. We have been in the Cotton Candy Industry since 1985, and we still have running Cotton Candy Machines from the 1980’s!

The Econo Floss Floss #3017 has a heavy duty motor and solid state, cool running heat control. Four carbon brushes help reduce wear & tear on the brass slip rings. This unit is a highly efficient candy floss producer and will run on minimum electricity. It has a heat ribbon which will allow for faster heat up and cool down. The new design has a smaller & lighter weight cabinet, but still produces approximately 2 cones per minute. Great starter machine for booster clubs, small carnivals, etc. This machine is UL listed and made in the USA.

Assembled Country

Component Country
USA And Imported