Giant Jenga / Toppling Tower
Giant Tumble Tower Rental


The Giant Genja Tumble Tower is a multi-player game that can be played year-round both indoors or outdoors and is great for family bonding, birthday parties, special events, weddings, backyard barbecues, pubs, restaurants or anywhere fun entertainment is needed.

Note: Care should be taken when playing this giant genja tumble tower. Players should always be on their feet and watch out for when the genja tower falls. Children should always be supervised when playing this game.


The Giant Jenga Pine Tumble Tower Game is made of (56) beautifully-crafted pine blocks, making it our premium tumble tower game. The game comes with 56 blocks because the center block on the base level is usually impossible to pull out, so we just leave that block out. At the start of the game, the tower stands at 19 levels, which is just short of 3 feet high. Players then take turns to remove blocks from the tower and place it on the top. The goal is to build the tower as high as possible using only one hand, without making the tower tumble. However, people can play the game differently. It is possible to stack this giant tumble tower to almost 5 feet high. Although the blocks may be hard to move at first it will get easier as the game progresses and as you keep on playing the game. Remember, not all pieces can move right away. This tumble tower game also includes a convenient heavy-duty nylon transport storage bag to make it easier to take with you.