Flossugar (Ready-to-Use)
(8-10 servings)
(8 oz. Pouch)


Cotton Candy Sugar

$1.50 per pouch | $31.79 case (24 ct)

Flavored Cotton Candy floss sugar mix is premixed and designed to pour directly into a cotton candy machine.

This 8-oz. pouch makes 8-10 cotton candy cones per pouch. It is perfect for rental locations! (Case Count: 24)

A must for all cotton candy makers, Flossugar is our signature blend of the most perfectly balanced sugar – not too fine, not too coarse, maximum flavor. With no messy mixing or sugar buckets, our Flossugar is ready to use right from the box by pouring directly into the spinner head, and easy to change colors each time you add sugar.

Available flavors:
Blue Raspberry
Vanilla Pink
Sour Berry
Pina Colada

Kosher Parve Certified



Pre-mixed and ready to use 8 oz. package. 8 oz. Flossugar yields 8-10 cones.Kosher Pareve, Halal, Gluten free, Peanut free.

Gold Medal Flossugar is made from a special sugar – not too fine, not too coarse. Colors have been “vividized” so that you get a bright color, but color concentrations do not exceed the limits set down by Food & Drug Administration’s GMP Directives. Flossugar is packed and sealed in 8 oz pouch. Open the pouch and pour into the spinner head-no messy mixing or unsanitary sugar buckets. Inventory is easy and more accurate.

Additional information

Weight 21.6 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 8.5 x 10.5 in

Blue – Raspberry (Boo Blue), Pink – Vanilla (Silly Nilly)