Cotton Candy Cones
Gold Medal
(1,000 ct)

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Cotton Candy Cone:
12” H & 1 ¼”W

Plain white cotton candy cones from Gold Medal come packed 1,000 per case. Heavy duty Kraft white paper Triple wrapped at the handle end. Sturdiest floss cone in the industry.

– Keeps customers' hands clean while enjoying cotton candy
– Great for increasing impulse sales at fairs, carnivals, parties, events
– Sanitary way to catch spun sugar
– Made of heavy-duty kraft paper
– Sturdy construction prevents bending or tearing
– Durable, triple-wrapped handle end
– Simple, white design allows for optimal color contrast


Whenever cotton candy is on the agenda, these floss cotton candy cones are a must.

Use this Gold Medal white cotton candy cone to keep your customers’ hands clean while they enjoy your sweet, colorful cotton candy! Not only does it add visual appeal to your concession stand or food truck, it offers a sanitary way to catch and pull the spun sugar out of your cotton candy machine. Plus, this cone’s sturdy construction helps prevent the handle from bending or tearing while being used.

Made of heavy-duty kraft paper, the cotton candy cone has a triple-wrapped handle end to ensure maximum strength and durability. It also boasts a simple, white design for an optimal color contrast that will make your vibrant cotton candy colors pop. Increase impulse sales at fairs, carnivals, birthday parties, or outdoor events with this easy-to-use cone!

Manufactured with heavy duty Kraft white paper
Triple wrapped at the handle end
Sturdiest floss cone in the industry

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Weight 5 lbs

1000 cones, 300 cones, 4000 cones, Each