Circus Castle Combo
Bounce House


Our Circus Castle 5-in-1 has Fun activities for both kids and adults! Huge bounce area, a crawl-through, climbing obstacle, slide, basketball hoops, and an Entanglement game (Twister)! FingerSafe mesh netting comes standard, and each 5-in-1 Bouncer Combo is made with a unique space-saving design, and at only 285 lbs., a “one-man set up” is a convenient reality! Circus theme inflatable bounce house.


Features: Circus themed Slide/Club Combo features a bouncing area, amazingly-detailed digital graphics, a crawl-through, and slide area.

Height: 16′
Width: 16’
Length: 20’
Weight: 315 lbs
Operator(s): 1 (Required)
Installers: 1-2 (Estimated)
Occupancy (max): 6 Patron(s)
Patron Height (min/max): 34” / 60”
Weight per Patron: 150 lbs. ea.
Blowers Required: 1 (1.5 HP)