Candy Apple Mix Appl-EZ
(Gold Medal) #4144


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This mix is truly easy – simply add sugar and water to the mix, cook to 290-300°F, and you’re ready to go. Our Appl-EZ Candy Apply Mix allows you to make delicious candy apples that customers won’t be able to resist.

15-oz. bag
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#4144 – Cherry Appl-EZ Bag (15oz Bag)

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How to Use Appl-EZ (Gold Medal #4144) Instructions:

Add Appl-EZ contents of pouch, plus 5 lbs. of white sugar to kettle, stir to mix ingredients. Add 16 oz. water, stir and turn on heat.

As coating starts to boil, stir occasionally, wiping down any sugar crystals on sides of kettle.

Cook to 290-300F degrees.

Turn off heat, and dip Apples.

Spin Apple well to remove excess coating – a thinly coated apple is easier to eat.

Set apples on parchment paper to cool.

Helpful Hints:

– Clean Apples to remove Shellac/Lac Resin.

– Apples must be warmed, dried, and stored at room temperature. (Coating will not stick to cold apples.)

– When coated apples cool, protect from humidity.

– Do not adjust water quantity (15-16 oz) needed for good results.

Use this Gold Medal Candy Apple Appl-EZ (#4144) coating to create attention-grabbing, brilliantly glazed candy apples with vibrant red color for any concession display! Great for Halloween-themed parties and events or summer nights at the fair, candy apples are sure to be high in demand. Stock up on this Great Western mix and make 40-50 candy apples with one package!

It produces a smooth, even layer of sweet coating that sticks to the apples and is easy for your patrons to eat. Fantastic for boosting impulse sales, glossy and glistening candy apples made with this Gold Medal coating are not just delicious, they’re Appl-EZ!

  • 15 oz. Appl-EZ Candy Apple Coating
  • Make 40-50 candy apples