Adjustable Bracket Pole Kit


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  • Kit includes mounting plate, vertical bracket, a 41″ Fiberglass Stem and Reusable Vinyl Balloon.
  • Mounting plate footprint: 1.25″ wide x 2.25″ tall.
  • Overall Kit height: 4.75'. Mounting screws included.

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The DuraBalloon® Adjustable Bracket Pole Kit combines our best selling DuraBalloon® Long Pole Kit with an adjustable bracket, 1-10″ quick-release band clamp and 4 mounting screws making it easy to attach to crash poles, fence posts, railings or any other application with a vertical or horizontal surface for mounting. The bracket allows you to place this kit up high, and at any angle you desire. The kit includes (1) DuraBalloon®, (1) 41″ stem, (1) cup, (1) 48″ long pole, (1) adjustable bracket, (1) 10″ quick-release band clamp and 4 screws for mounting.

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