Mega Balloon Ground
Stake Long Pole Kit


Our Most Popular Mega Balloons (30″) Kits brings mega crowds! Mega Balloon long pole kit stands 10’6″ high and is a great addition to every frontline attraction.

Kit includes:
(1) Mega balloon in any color
(1) 48″ Mega Pole with snap button
(1) 48″ Fiberglass Mega Stem
(1) Mega Upper Holding Cup and screw plug
(1) Universal Mega Plate Kit



Mega Balloon Ground Stake Long Pole Kit is easy with our twist-lock into place stems and zero tools required for assembly. This Mega Balloon stands 10’6″ tall and is 30″ in diameter. This kit has everything you need including a mega ground plate, thick 6061 aluminum long pole, 1 of the industries toughest 41″ coated fiberglass stem, 1 upper holding cup and 1 DuraBalloon® (Choose your colors).

Additional information

Balloon Colors

Black Vinyl Balloon, Blue Vinyl Balloon, Brown Vinyl Balloon, Burgundy Vinyl Balloon, Dark Blue Vinyl Balloon, Dark Green Vinyl Balloon, Gold Vinyl Balloon, Green Vinyl Balloon, Light Blue, Lime Vinyl Balloon, Orange Vinyl Balloon, Pink Vinyl Balloon, Purple Vinyl Balloon, Red Vinyl Balloon, Silver Vinyl Balloon, White Vinyl Balloon, Yellow Vinyl Balloon

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