Euro Bungee Trampoline | Euro Bungy Trampoline


Rent a Euro Bungee Trampoline for your next party or event and have a flipping good time! You can place up to (4) participants on to the Euro Bungee Trampoline. Crowds love it! This bungee trampoline is great for all ages and riders between 20 lbs up to 200 lbs.

Dimensions: 28’L x 28’W x 21’H



Euro Bungee Trampoline | Euro Bungy Trampoline
A multi-station super trampoline system, enables the participant to jump over two stories high accomplishing gravity defying maneuvers. Multiple bungee cords are attached to a harness (in which the jumper is secured) which super boost the traditional trampoline experience, giving a gravity defying ride that has all the adrenaline of bungee jumping, but none of the risks. The Euro Bungy™ has become one of the most successful innovations in the amusement industry.